Friday, May 20, 2011

Questionaire in English and Portugeuse

*Home, Home away from Home Questionaire


Do you have an idea of what home means to you and if so can you share what you think about it here with us. We are two artists one from Chapecó Brazil, one from Dublin Ireland. We are investigating how people try to make a home for themselves in Dublin. We are asking people the following questions in order to gather information for our investigation. Our intention is to incorporate this information into an overall visual art project.

We will not use your email for any other purpose except to invite you and other participants to the opening of an Art Exhibition in October (exact date to be announced)and to enter you into a draw for a number of small prizes as a thank you for completeing the questionaire.

Feel free to answer whatever you want, whatever you write is valid. Write as much or as little as you wish. There are no right or wrong answers.
If you prefer, you can just read through the questions to give you a general idea of what information we are seeking and then just write down a short (or long) paragraph of your thoughts and feelings after. Preferably include a name, age, country of birth and email address.

*The term home can be taken to mean your original family home or simply your last home or the sense of home that you carry with you.

Thank you for your help.

Marcia Moreno moremar at unochapeco dot edu dot br
James Moore dublindays71 at gmail dot com

1. What is your name please? (Full name is preferable but first name is fine if you want to remain anonymous)

2. What is your email address? (we will ONLY use this to invite you to the exhibition or reply to your questions)

3. Where do you come from originally?

4.What age are you?

5. What brought you to Dublin/Ireland to work/live in?

6. Was there anything you wanted to leave behind and why?

7. How long have you been here for?

8. Can you tell us where in Dublin you live? (Full address or general address as you wish)

9. List 3 (more or less) good things about living here and why.

10. List 3 (more or less) bad things about living here and why.

11. What do you miss if anything about your original home?

12. Is there one family member, or friend who you wish was living here with you and explain why?

13. Is there a festival that says home to you? What do you like about it?

14. If there was something you could eat from home right now what would it be and describe it. Why it is so good?

15. Do you have Irish friends? What difference does having Irish friends make to your life here?

16. Have you been to your Irish friends homes? Was there anything that you remember being different about their home compared to yours? Was there anything you thought was good or bad about it?

17. Do you miss anything about the weather from your previous home? Why does that make a difference in relation to how you lived there?

18. How have you tried to make where you live in Dublin/Ireland more like a home.

19. Name, or describe one or two things that you have brought with you that says home, or makes you feel more at home. Please explain why.

20. Is there something that you used to have in your old home that would make life better for you?

21. Can you tell us any local Dublin words or expressions that you hear quite often, that make you laugh, angry, puzzled etc.?

22. Can you take a photograph of yourself and / or the room/place in Dublin/Ireland where you feel the most at home in and explain why?

23. When making a home for yourself in Ireland what helped you to feel more at home here and why?

24. Can you tell us if there was a time when you felt like a stranger here and why?

25. Can you tell us if there was a time when you felt most at home here and why?

26. If you could change one thing about living in Dublin what would it be and why?

27. When you think about "home" what does it mean to you now?

Thankyou for completing this questionaire, if you would like to add more to it, or think that there is a better question we could ask please tell us. We will be in touch with you in the near future to tell you when the exhibition is on and invite you to the opening.

Marcia Moreno moremar at unochapeco dot edu dot br
James Moore dublindays71 at gmail dot com

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